Surrey, BC
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The RC Archbishop of Vancouver for St. Andrew Kim Parish


Construction cost
4.5 million

Total Area
25,000 ft2

Seating Capacity








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Pacific Rim Architecture Ltd. was selected by the St. Andrew Kim RC Parish to design a new Multi-Use hall that will also act as their new Worship Space.

Located in the Guildford area of Surrey on a 4.8 acre site, the program calls for a three phase development. Phase one (currently in design development) is the design and construction of a new 25,500 sq. ft. Multi-Use Hall & 3,100 sq. ft. rectory. Phase two will be a 15,000 sq. ft. church immediately adjacent to
the Multi-Use Hall. Phase three will be
a 250 student Elementary school complex.

The Multi-Use hall complex will be built on a steel & concrete block superstructure and finished with a stucco exterior. The entire complex will be capped with a curved roof system that will run through the main horizontal axis of the building.

The Multi-Use hall complex will include amenities like 10 classrooms, a library, a commercial-size kitchen, a large 300 seat dining area, an ad-ministration wing, and offices. State-of-the-art sound systems, security and data access will also be provided.

St. Andrew Kimís Parish will be one of the largest projects undertaken by any parish in the Archdiocese for 1999. It will also be the first Korean-catholic parish to built in British Columbia.