Shanghai, China


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Single-Family Residential Lot 34  


Best Features:

Skylight/light well from roof to basement level to introduce light.
Living/Dining Rooms (all facing south):  Formal and octagon-shaped with large gas fireplaces.
Large kitchen with additional Chinese kitchen.
Entrance courtyard at front of home, elevated and surrounded with planters and landscape structures.  Overhang is emphasized vertically with a circular shaped imposing form.
Entrance hall with water-scaped courtyard and open ceiling to the roof.  Pagoda on the middle of the pond and connected by a wooden bridge at backyard.
Southwest corner of basement floor at ground level, is terraced to allow for natural lighting.
Maximum floor areas provided for all floors.
Finished ground level has minimum slope for comfort.
 4-Bedrooms on the 2nd floor, one extra bedroom at the basement level lit with window.