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Pacific Rim Architecture Ltd. was selected (the only Canadian firm chosen out of a group of ten from all of North America) to design these most prestigious villas in Shanghai.  The selection was based on professional capabilities, credits and the modern architectural character of the firm.

The designs derived from our visit to Shanghai and the character of the subject property.  In Shanghai our attention was drawn to the propensity to include greenery and still water in the heart of the city.  We saw apartments surrounded by shallow pools and entered via bridges, high-rise offices emerging from compact forests, streams running through restaurants and the presence of pocket parks.

It is our conviction that buildings should, in their forms, materials, textures and colours relate harmoniously to their natural surroundings. Our design incorporated an enhanced role for water, just as we saw in Shanghai.

Buildings should be like people because they are for people who are individuals.  We designed a group of 6 houses (2 storey on basement floor with a floor are between 7-10,000 sq.ft.)  Each will bear a resemblance to the other, yet they still retain their individual character and are distinct, like members of a family.

Pacific Rim Architecture Ltd. was pleased to assist John Kay, Architect (MAIBC) with design and rendering services for this project.